Flash Craft in Bruce Holland Rogers’ “Riding with Icarus”

Bruce Holland Rogers may be a “well kept secret” in some circles, but as an Oregonian, I have known about him and his work for years. Today’s flash form craft lesson video discusses how much backstory or front-end loading you can “get away with” in flash and why that can be especially useful for nonfiction writers. I hope you enjoy this–actually happy–flash piece and accompanying lesson. I first encountered this piece through my work as an editor on Bite: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, which solicited and celebrated Bruce’s writing. Email me if you have questions about this video and want to learn more. I love connecting with other writers and engaging in craft-based conversations, or register now for direct feedback from me, plus prompts, through Into the Flash.

  • Joanne

    Finally made time to listen to this positing, Katey, and am really glad i did. I’ve been thinking about trying to write one or more Flash memoir pieces and I jotted down notes on one to try. Of course, wishing I was taking your Flash course right now, but I am making a vow to myself to do so asap. Thank you, always, for your encouragement, your inspiration, your advice and guidance for us “wannabe writers”..

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