Flash Craft in KYSO Flash’s Schultz “Tiny Disturbance”

Here’s a story where nothing and everything happens all at once. A girl lies awake in bed, restless. She finally sleeps and has a dream. She wakes up and makes her bed. THAT’S IT. And yet…in flash form, we can turn “nothing” into everything..This story, “A Tiny Disturbance,” was originally published in KYSO Flash, a lovely online and print publication. And since I wrote it, I’m able to share the story behind the story here, in this analysis. The video is an excerpt from a longer lecture, and includes discussing how small details pave the way for big metaphor, why metaphor is a great way to end flashes with “smart surprise,” and the superstructure of present moment~flashback~present moment.

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  • Kim Davis

    Thank you, Katey. That was a really helpful explanation of a process that makes a lot of sense.

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