Flash Recommendation: Funny Bone

Funny Bone

Funny Bone Flashing for Comic Relief edited by Peter Blair and Ashley Chantler fills the publishing gap of limited humorous flash fiction writing. It’s “Wry, off-beat, quirky, naughty, witty, absurd, dark, droll, deadpan, dry. Comedies of errors, manners, embarrassments. Repartee, satire, slapstick, farce. And, oh yes, clowns. Funny Bone is an exciting new anthology of sixty flashes by sixty of the world’s leading flashers.”

Editors Ash and Peter took time out of their busy schedule to chime in on how Funny Bone fills a need in the flash genre.

The wide range of stories in most flash-fiction anthologies and magazines is great for making readers have diverse responses, from frowning to smiling. With Funny Bone, we focussed on making readers laugh, mainly because the anthology was to be sold in aid of the charity Comic Relief, partly because our foreheads ached from frowning. ~ Ashley Chantler and Peter Blair

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