Flash Craft in “While the Rest of America’s at the Mall”

I’m willing to put my own work up for scrutiny here, too, and since we’re talking flash form writing craft, I wanted to share the first story in Flashes of War, titled “While the Rest of America’s at the Mall.” This story incorporates the superstructure of the present moment/flashback/present moment that I often teach in my online Into the Flash course every spring. To learn from today’s post, first listen to this reading of the 1-page story, viewable here. 

Next, view my analysis of the work: How did this story begin? How does the superstructure work in longer forms of prose? How does a writer show a character’s worldview? Watch and learn:

Think you might have a 1-page story of your own to develop (nonfiction or fiction)? I’d love to welcome you into the community of writers that take my course every April. Register now while early bird pricing is still in effect!

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  • Kyoko

    This is awesome. Thank you, Katey. I will try this technique on the Nagasaki story I started at Arrowmont.

  • Deb Thurston

    Thank you for the information and your enthusiasm and reality about this craft. I will use it.

  • Beth Ann Mathews

    Thank you for this enlightening back story on what inspired you to write the intense and mesmerizing story, “While the Rest of America’s at the Mall,” and for talking about the Present moment / Flack back / Present structure behind it. So helpful!

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