Celebrating Author Dinty W. Moore

What a pleasure to speak with author Dinty W. Moore this afternoon, about his memoir Between Panic & Desire. Listen, laugh, and learn as we cover everything from life-changing moments as a writer, to humor and discovery in writing, to book recs you won’t want to miss.

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  • Susan Pprocki

    Great interview. I am of your”era” and I often lament on the state of our society TODAY and how sane and comfy things were while I was growing up. NOTT I enjoyed going back in time through your unique documention of time past. Man, did we face troubles.
    I in fact had a kind and gentle and wise father. Yet, like many “youngsters” I admired TV sitcom dads of yesteryear with all their wisdom and patience and love. I guess things and people and situations always look better on the screen (even if in black and white). Thanks for the interview and for the unique memoir.

  • Mary Gaughan

    Great interview with one of my favorite writers!!

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