Flash Craft in Michael Loveday’s “The Second Shed”

As the start date for my April Into the Flash course nears, I’m starting to wrap up this series of posts. But no discussion of flash would be complete without a nod to our friends across the pond in the UK, where flash form writing is especially hot, hot, hot. To that end, today’s flash craft lesson is a real treat: author Michael Loveday has sent us a recording of his piece, “The Second Shed,” originally published in Cease, Cows. Michael lives in Bath, UK and you’ll be able to hear him share the story behind the story as he breaks down the way “The Second Shed” came together for him.

This recording will be most useful if you read the flash piece first–it’s only 1 paragraph long and is published here. Check it out, then come back to this recording to here Michael’s analysis, followed by the reading.

Curious about the final version of this flash as it appears in Three Men on the Edge? It’s published in Michael Loveday’s flash novella. Like what he does? Check out his website resources here.

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