DAY 3/10 #embodiment first

When your little boy is home sick on a day you’re supposed to teach two webinars, the habit is to panic. #breakthehabit and pop bubble gum bubbles instead, which entice even the sickest kiddo to smile. Then, get clever about how to maintain equilibrium, teach, meet a writing deadline, and #bepresentnow with your child.

Meditate while he watches 26 minutes of #danieltiger via @pbskids. After, hold him in your lap while he breathes and coughs and looks at you with sad, pleading eyes. Gaze out the window. Notice the distant ridgeline now visible through every window of your house. Remember what it felt like, three years ago next week, as your son readied to come into the world. How you held him then, inside of your body. How you’ll never have him that close again.

“We would spend the rest of our lives learning how to live apart,” writes Desiree Cooper in her Wayne State University collection.

We spend the rest of our lives learning how to do so much, don’t we?

Today, it’s #gratitude for family nearby that enable me to teach even with a sick kid at home. But it’s more than that. How to say it? These disturbances that seem so big are truly so very, very small, in comparison to those who lack basic daily safety. Food, water, shelter. The security to dream and to act on that dream.

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