DAY 9/10 #plentyoftime

TALKING TO A BADGER : All day long, a voice badgers me, saying, “You’ve got your #todolist, now get to it!” And all day long, a wiser voice looks the other way, or calmly replies, “There’s #enoughtime. If I rush, I’ll create more work for myself in the long run.”

The badger—for that’s what the voice is now, cute and well-meaning at first glance, but with sharp teeth and claws all the same—rears up. “You’re kidding, right? Look at your calendar! You think you have enough time? Two #schooldelay mornings this week, a partial week of half days for your child next week, then winter break begins? That’s less hours of childcare than you can count on both hands. #dontwasteanother minute.”

“Oh, but #wastingtime is so delicious! And the opposite of waste,” I tell the badger, who is cowering now, and begging for #gingerbreadcookies (which I have made while “wasting” time).

The badger sits with me in front of the fire. I show him my computer screen, which features a short story I’m preparing for a contest submission.

“What’s that?” the badger asks. I wipe a few crumbs from his whiskers.

“That’s my journal,” I say.

“What’s a journal?” he asks.

Do my eyes light up? The wonders a journal can contain! The permissions!

I offer the badger another cookie. He says he would like some milk.

“Sure,” I say. “We’ve got #allthetimeintheworld,” but I see immediately he’s not quite tall enough to reach the table and grab the cup. “Here,” I offer him my 2019 and 2020 calendars as a prop. He sits hit little badger butt right down on them.

And then I tell him a story. It starts like this: “Once upon a time there was a planet where everyone’s greatest fear was running out of time…”

Can you guess the #moralofthestory?

For me, it has to do with the difference between acting using my DRIVE (or will power), and acting with my SPIRIT (or chi, or inner-energy). Both are natural resources of the human body. and both are also finite. Spend most of your adult life relying on DRIVE (and operating in a societal, social, and professional world whose messaging endorses this at all costs) and eventually, you run out. But I’m learning how to shift gears, welcome better messaging into my life, and experiment with the idea that #lessismore, #slowisthenewfast, and #restsupportsrevelation.

By the time I finish my story, the badger has fallen asleep. He looks so cozy. I think I’ll join him. Ahhhh.


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