DAY 10/10 #plentyoftime

The badger becomes medicinal. Adding a body (and whiskers, such cute whiskers) to the voice of the #capitalistpatriarchy, suddenly takes everything down a notch. The messaging (“not enough time” or “no work before play” or “harder means better,” for example) loses a lot of power as soon as I…

  1. get it out of my body
  2. make eye contact with it whenever it tries to ruin my day/decide something for me/piss on my shoes/generally disrupt the flow of a positive, #creativelifestyle
  3. treat it like a misguided or misinformed man-child whose gluttony can be placated (ex. by feeding it gingerbread cookies) and whose heart actually does have the capacity for #newknowledge and #lovingkindness.

A quick search online leads me to this lovely painting by @verpabunny (Kelly Vivanco), whose “King American Badger” is exactly what’d I’d envisioned sitting next to me on the couch yesterday, with just a few color variations. If you’ve read this far and have no idea what I’m talking about, you can meet the badger here:

The point is this: Last month, I spent 10 days publicly breaking habits that weren’t serving me, my business, my writing, or my family. This month, I spent 10 days busting the myth that “there’s never enough time.” These 10-day challenges are the tip of the iceberg, but they give me language and tools for a more sustainable, consistent approach to my life as a #thrivingartist (and an artist who happens to unconditionally refuse the notion of a #starving artist).

My key takeaway from this challenge? This little critter is now my tool for addressing bad messaging, destructive myths, and repressive habits. Pack your bags, badger! You’re headed into the New Year with me, whether you like it or not. We have a lot to learn together!

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