DAY 2/10 The Anti-List Lists

DAY 2/10 The Anti-List Lists : If I write “notice the wind” on my list, am I more likely to do it? If I say out loud, “you have enough time,” am I more likely to let go of that underlying tightness that undermines day-to-day activities?

Monday and Tuesday always risk sending me into scarcity mode; no way around it. With my husband working 12 hour shifts every W/Th/F, a child at home, and me with 20-25 hours to run my business I have to take these opening days of each week for all I can get. My work as a writer, mother, partner, and human are as much about remembering to believe in positive truths, as they are about writing my next book, raising my child well, being the best partner I can be, and impacting the planet as little as possible.

Repeat to self: There is enough time. The less you do, the more you fell. You already have what you need. Rely on your foundation. Trust. Trust more. Share resources. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Take yourself less seriously. Take the planet very seriously. Find a sunbeam. Dance in it.

Today I felt breathless at times. Other times, I felt so confident, so clear-headed. I’m certain there were long stretches where my present activities were simply in anticiaption of the future. Is that living? Is that business? Sometimes, it is. Other times, it’s habit.

Here’s today’s before and after:

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