DAY 1/10 The Anti-List Lists

There’s listmaking, and there’s living. That’s what people who make too many lists are often told by people who don’t make lists. I think there’s an inbetween. As a lifelong listmaker, I see their limitations and their graces. But what is a list, if not something to bounce ideas off of, something to alter, and something that invites us to read between the lines? A list can a starting point and invitation; it doesn’t have to signal dictatorship.

This time of year is full of resolutions and reflections. What if there were a way to “achieve” goals or “get things done” that also honored spontaneity, play, and honest (jugement-free) reflection at the end of the day? And what impact would that have on a creative life? On creative practice?

For the next 10 days, I’ll share my TO DO list, and then I’ll update, alter, or get real about it in some way by the end of the day, waiting to see what truths are hidden inside the lists, and what anti-list activities are inspired as a result. Here’s today’s…

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