DAY 3/10 #deeprest

How much less can I do? How much less can I do? I repeat this to myself throughout the morning. Driving home after dropping River at Montessori, I don’t listen to an audiobook (which is like studying, for a writer—enjoyable, but not passive by a long stretch). Instead, I listen to @arcadefire THE SUBURBS and by the time I pull into my driveway 23 minutes later, I’m transported.

How much less can I keep doing? I enter the house. I dance and water plants. I make coffee. This is work. YES, this is work, people—it is the undoing of DO MORE, the revolt against NONSTOP—and it is necessary if I want to keep resisting the badger.

And I do clock in, eventually (I use Harvest app for this) and I get what needed to be done, done.

But guess what? My neck and shoulders aren’t tight. I eat light and well, because I had time to pay attention to my body. I felt even more ready to pick up my child when, just 2.5 hours later, I got back into the car to pick him up. Playlist? Songs of Realization (meditation stuff) to remind me of emptiness in all its glory. #Karma, too.

How much less did I keep doing? I rested in the recliner for 20 minutes. I looked and looked at the rain, the magic of puddles. I did nothing. Which means I did everything. “I contain multitudes,” #waltwhitman wrote, and I might suggest…a puddle contains multitudes, as does silence and stillness and the “unraveling” of a woman in the best sense of the word.

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