DAY 2/10 #quietthechaos

No school breakfast, no school lunch, no job security, no way to “stock up”… I keep thinking about families who are isolated, who need more than they have access to, who might agree that yes—of course—this is what we must do but very readily NO, no, we cannot see a path through.

Today, I spoke with my tax preparer and he’s readying to turn his office into a drop off/pick up location for meals that school-aged children would have otherwise had access to, if not for the 2-week shut down. Friends in entrepreneurship are offering virtual poetry gatherings for hard times, others give freebies of financial management advice. Another helps a small lit organization get their content up and online. Makers “famous” or otherwise are pooling resources, broadcasting to the masses, going live with their kids (a la @michaelfranti).

Is it wrong to think this pandemic is not unlike Tahlequah’s heartbreaking 17-day journey carrying her dead calf through the Pacific? In other words—what greater sign could we have from [call it universe, call it karma, call it your god, call it whatever you want to as long as it’s bigger than yourself] that THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE. The practice of capitalism, the practice of medicine, the practice of health insurance, the practice of politics, the practice of privilege, the practice of denial, the practice of anything that polarizes us further and turns a blind eye to how utterly interconnected we are.

Day two and I’m not exactly “quieting the chaos.” I can see this now. But I can do this; I can carry unanswered questions and the confidence to be decisive in the present moment, all at the same time.

For me, it starts with the micro: Get outside. Write a letter. Pretend to be a cucumber (at my son’s request). Feel the dirt—get dirty, go on, all the way into the puddle. All. The. Way.

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