DAY 3/10 #quietthechaos

What does #civicduty look like during a pandemic, when you can’t leave your house? Today I’m celebrating Sadie Kneidle who serves as English Language Learner Family Liason for our ENTIRE school district. That’s 232 families at 7 schools—and 1 person doing the job. In the past 4 days she has translated and exchanged 91 emails, 96 phone calls, 28 documents, 104 texts, and sent 4 All Calls. Typically, turnaround time for translations is 48 hours. Sadie is going nonstop, serving a vital part of our community here in Western North Carolina. I’m proud to know her, and her supportive husband Matt McGuire, who’s holding down the fort homeschooling two kiddos as Sadie does all she can. She *can’t* “quiet the chaos” right now, just like those practicing medicine or delivering food. I hope this post can at least give her celebration and acknowledgement for all she does.

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