Flash Fiction Writing Prompt #1

In the past I’ve posted flash fiction writing prompts via video to help jumpstart creativity and imagination. In the spirit of my online course, Into the Flash (open for Early Bird registration now!), I thought I’d share a few flash fiction writing prompts again.

Take a look at the video snippet below and think about the 5 S’s of flash fiction writing. Click here for a refresher on the 5 S’s. 

Here’s your flash fiction writing prompt to get you started:

Anita discovered the tiny cabin when walking the back forty of her late husband’s abandoned family lands. He’d never mentioned any buildings other than the farm house, but she’d always wondered if…

Into the Flash is a live and online 5-week course. It will serve as a training ground for slipping into the skins of your characters, mastering scene, celebrating compression, and uplifting metaphor. There is SO much more to this delightful genre than a prompt, and my online course exposes you to tools for working with your imagination, plus a healthy dose of community, critique, and sample texts and lectures. This course only runs in April and is open for Early Bird Registration $290.00

If you’re not sure about this genre, my $27 Flash in a Flash ecourse is a great place to start, and even includes a free trial.

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