Hiring a Virtual Assistant (Who is So Much More)

In the spirit of Literary Stewardship, I want to share two outstanding resources with my readership. I used the term “virtual assistant” (VA) in the title to this blog post because it is the common and most familiar phrase folks use to describe people who help them in business, from afar. However, I find the term vague and a bit condescending. I’ve been working with two wonderful women for a while now and they are not “assistants.” Although I run my own business, I feel that these women are team members with very specific areas of expertise.

And that’s the key, really, to hiring anyone to help you manifest your vision: specific areas of expertise. There are lots of things that I am competent at, but do I need to be doing all of them? No. If I do, not only will I go crazy and never have time to write, but I’ll spend less time doing what I’m specifically an expert at (writing, teaching, helping others express themselves with precision and maximum impact). Finding people who ARE experts at the things I am merely competent at is a win-win for everyone involved.

Do you need help promoting a book, prepping for a book tour, or expanding your audience? I have a $15 DIY ecourse + audio download that addresses this, and once you feel you have your ducks in a row, I can refer you wholeheartedly to Deb Jayne. Email me about your needs and I’ll set you up with an email introduction!

Do you need help with larger, long-term tasks to help meet specific project goals, organize your thinking, or generate ideas based on existing content and materials? What about bookkeeping? Press management? Heidi E. Johnson has been a delightful collaborator and support, and I recommend her services fully.

May this be of use to one, and all!

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