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I believe strongly in supporting and celebrating fellow authors, and that includes the writers who enroll in my Maximum Impact courses. Today is all about sharing the recent flash form writing that my students have had accepted for publication, online and in print! Enjoy these great examples of flash fiction, flash nonfiction, and short story.

Kelly Rothe, flash nonfiction in Great Smokies Review, “Sleep Walking”.

Mary Terzino, flash fiction in Quail Bell Magazine, “This is What She Was Like”.

Kathleen Quigley, flash nonfiction in Stoneboat, “Pressure Cooker” [scroll down for excerpt].

Gail Wallace Bozzano, short story in Cagibi, “Penned In”.

Julia Poole, nonfiction in Minerva Rising, “All That We Have Shared”

See more accomplishments by my students, including published books, right here! Three cheers, everyone!

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