Year of Experiments Webinars


UPDATE: This series is now concluded. To stay in the loop for our new series, sign up here.

September 2019, I will host a free writing webinar once a month for seven months. The spirit of these webinars is playful, with the intention to generate new writing and start to learn more about how our imaginations work. Come with an open mind and curious demeanor. Leave with a few new sentences (or pages) and a cool creative experience that supports you in “outside the box” thinking.

Why play? Why experiment? Why do this together, live?

HERE’S WHY: I believe that if we want to write stories and memoirs that contribute something new to the cultural conversation, we have to think outside the box. That requires working with the imagination directly, by bringing awareness to our own entry points and pathways as writers. Every week in my Into the Flash online class, I offer a MINDFUL FLOW exercise. This is a mindfulness-inspired exercise I design specifically for writers to help them approach their imaginations and creative practices in fresh ways. Now, you can have access to these teachings for free, by joining me live once a month.

The Mindful Flow exercises we’ll do during these webinars will assure that you can a) work around writing ruts, b) write with radical empathy and precision, and c) create work that speaks to the human predicament in meaningful ways.

Mindful flow isn’t a new concept. Numerous scholars and scientists address mindful or creative flow. In my former life as a Montessori middle school teacher, “flow” was a guiding principle in the environment I created. (For persuasive research, check out Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life).

UPDATE: This series is now concluded. To stay in the loop for our new series, sign up here.

THE DATES:  All webinars will run approximately 1 hour.

Tuesday, Sept 10 at 12noon Eastern
Tuesday, Oct 1 at 12noon Eastern
Friday, Nov 8 at 2pm Eastern
Tuesday, December 3 at 12noon eastern

Extra #livewriting bonus sessions in December:

Monday, December 9, 11am-12noon Eastern
Tuesday, December 10, 5-6pm Eastern
Saturday, December 14, 2:30-3:30pm Eastern
Monday, December 16, 3-4pm Eastern
Tuesday, December 17, 1:30-2:30 Eastern

2020 Dates

Monday, January 27 at 4pm Eastern
Friday, February 28 at 3pm Eastern
Tuesday, March 17 at 12noon Eastern


After you register, you’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading Zoom (a free livestreaming app) and our webinar link. A few days before we meet, I’ll send a reminder email with the link and a supply list of any needed materials (nothing extravagant!). You’ll get the webinar link again 15 minutes prior to each webinar. Registration is free, and you will be signed up for the entire series. Come to one, or all!

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  • Grace

    Hi Kathy,

    I’m interested in taking the webinars. I clicked sign up and put in my email address then I was sent a link which took me to Typeforms. I didn’t know what to choose from the 60. Not sure how to proceed to complete registration. Please help. Thank you.

    • Katey

      You should be all set, Grace. Check your email for a confirmation.

  • Cristalynne

    Will the webinars be recorded. Won’t be able to join live.

    • Katey

      No, they will not. But webinars for my classes are, indeed, recorded–hopefully you can join in that way, at some point!

  • Aime Merizon

    Kates, I have no idea what I’m doing signing up for this in the middle of my work days! Hopefully I can pre-plan a “lunch” period and join in. Yikes. Your marketing was too too tempting, yum! xoxo

  • Linda Hahn

    Like Grace above, I submitted my email, and was taken to a Typeform site. I don’t know what that is, and am somewhat suspicious of phishing, so I closed it. I have not received an email indicating I am signed up for the 7 writing webinars. Do I need to do anything else? Thanks-Linda Hahn

    • Katey

      Hi Linda
      I see your comment and confirmed that you registered for the 7 free webinars. You should be all set!

  • Cynthia

    One more try.

    • Katey

      You’re in!

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