DAY 1/10 #embodiment first

#embodimentfirst doesn’t mean #integration isn’t possible. It means habits die hard. The only way forward is a new way, an experiment. For the next ten days, I’ll publicly break some habits and post reflections via images and text. What habits? There are many, but here’s one: the belief that “work comes before play.”

This erroneous maxim implies that work can never be playful (I disagree)…

that work matters more than exploration (I disagree)…

that productivity is the be all end all measurement of success (I disagree)…

that we work “more efficiently” or “better” when we prioritize quantifiable tasks such as responding to emails, meeting deadlines, being polite, and earning money (I disagree)…

All of which is to say, #thisibelieve:

When we connect with our humanity first, we become “more productive” and “more efficient” and “wealthier” than we ever imagined. Emails can still be responded to, deadlines can still be met, politeness and professionalism can still occur, and money can still flow…when we integrate our bodies with our minds with our art with our businesses FIRST.

More importantly (to me), I’m a #bettermom and a better author, when I make decisions from an integrated space of human connection, gentleness, and effectiveness…than from a space of aggression, alone-ness, and fear.

Eventually, those #oldhabits DO DIE.

Which is to say that this morning the sky was a riot of orange and blue, with bold arms reaching upwards.

That it was “things” too—my @saeco Incanto Sirius with @jimandpattys coffee and @ripplefoods unsweetened vanilla and low-footprint-sustainble-everything clothing by @patagonia (which, by the way, has been helping save the planet, save lives, build families, and making a profit without harming others for decades—ex. YvonneChouinard on the cover of this month’s @fastcompany magazine and its accompanying feature essay is proof).

That it was finding myself in my body, my body in the world, the world in the context of suffering and peace and possibility and pain and little cracklings of beauty FIRST…

…and letting THAT lead the way.

Time to clock in, and damn does it feel good!

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