DAY 1/10 #plentyoftime

DAY 1/10 #plentyoftime : Here’s the myth—“never enough time to get it all done.” For the next 10 days, I will not let those myths make decisions for me. Media messaging depends on them (“save now,” “rush now, rest later”). For too many #womenespecially the #mentalload is all pervasive. I REFUSE.

What mental load? Returning from a 4-day work trip…out of cat food, toilet paper, milk. Spoon & mitten missing from R’s bag. Deer hides soaked too long. Mail, including bills, accrued—where is it? Two suitcases wait unpacking (#cantfindmychapstick), 4 loads of laundry. The dishwasher beeps—time to unload!

Or not.

Something matters more: the play of light across the thickened coats of our neighbor’s goats this morning, as I drove R to school; the mist rising behind them to snow-accented #wncmountains; the ticking of our house warming up; the white pines moving like vertical pick-up-sticks in the grove, the tock-knock their trunks make against one another & how that reminds me of ice cones I heard in #interlochen once—magical, beyond belief—singing & eddying in the thaw. My god that sound. Like medicine.

Yet—I really do need to #paybills#dolaundry, find @burtsbees. The myth wants these to happen RIGHT NOW. The pressure is so loud.


I hear this—“Better check email, ship books, then return to the craft lesson you were preparing yesterday when your plane landed. Prep dinner, no wait, start-fold-move laundry first & while you’re in the basement deal with the deer hides & on the way back upstairs call the specialist to schedule your bone density scan because oops you BROKE A BONE last week & have been in a bootie but who cares you can still do everything better-faster-stronger-longer-on-time…” WHOA. #getoffmyback, self!

I listen again—“That is the myth of starvation, capitalism, control, fear. Write first. Tend to your body. Chapstick & bills will show up. Laundry can wait. Dinner is done (remember the soups you froze?). Books can ship late. You’re a better mother-teacher-wife-person-author when you refuse habit and embrace ease.” A bit later, I find this note I wrote myself 11 months ago. #perfecttiming

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