DAY 3/10 #plentyoftime

DAY 3/10 #plentyoftime : It becomes immediately clear that the myth of “not enough time” rolls off the tongue, especially in parenting. But what freedom I experienced today, NOT indulging in this farce!

R and I rolled a wooden, circular tray along the train table for…who knows how long; time didn’t matter. We turned the morning’s plans on their head just because and still ended up at the parade in town as hoped, surrounded by smiles and friends and sunlight and grandparents. How long were we there? Who knows. Who cares. We ate, we lounged, we laughed. Horses cantered around the town square after the parade cleared out, and R’s face—fully enraptured, mystified, lifted as if on wings—was worth more than I can describe.

Later, R napped. I studied #buddhist texts and unpacked groceries. I breathe. I walk (or limp). I gaze. I breathe again. Here’s to the #rollercoasterride and #slowingdown. Here’s to small towns and to my child who screams above all the other voices and fire truck horns and the high school marching band, “I NEED TO CHECK OUT MORE BOOKS!” when the Bookmobile drives past in the parade, and where the librarians marching alongside it shout back his name, “RIVER! RIVER! HI RIVER!”

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