DAY 1/10 #deeprest


For the next 10 days, I will seek and create opportunities for #deeprest. Why? Because I have been living for too long according to the myth that more productivity equals better results. Cease! I’m befriending the badger and breaking habits.

Why else? Because it’s revolutionary to #thrive while resting, especially as an #artist, in a capitalist system. Which is to say, “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible,” (@tonicadebambara). I only know how to do this by starting small, believing in ripple effects, and creating space in my life to GO BIG when the time comes.

Why else does prioritizing deep rest matter? Because when I prioritize rest, my relationship to food, business, writing, and family all settle into better alignment. I can ask for more from my partner, sure. Sometimes I may be grumpy with my child despite my best intentions—yeah. Other times I eat for relief than for nutrition; it doesn’t feel good. And I’m still susceptible to that too-hard-too-much headspace of “getting shit done” at the desk (which, honestly, is quite destructive).

BUT why ask for me, be grumpy, overeat, push too much, when all those “needs” can be resolved with a simple #mindsetshift—> a commitment to doing less, to resting deeply.

For today, here’s proof: me in the recliner, #doingnothing (not even reading) as my calendar alarms and inbox are silenced. Instant reward? #kittylove and no need for afternoon coffee.

  • Sadie B

    This wisdom is golden. Thank you, Katey. I thought I sent this comment a long time ago. I love hearing you talk sweet and low to your kitty. <3

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